August 22, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Edgewater Park
6500 Memorial Shoreway (Rt. 2) Cleveland
Ohio 44102
Phil Salzstein

40th Cleveland Kite Festival

         Once again – but only for ONE day – the Cleveland Kite Festival will be held – on Saturday, August 22, 2018. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Edgewater Park in Cleveland will be filled with sky ballet, contests, games, and demonstrations – plus a generous area where everybody can fly kites they either bring to the park or buy there.

          Chicago Kite Store’s Shop on The Field will again bring kites and accessories for beginners to experts. The OSEK Tent will again feature ready-to-fly sled kites that could use a child’s picture drawn on them.

          This festival is put on for families in Ohio to share a summer day. Bring a picnic, bring a bit of wind, bring fair skies and a smile and enjoy it.

          Wind Sprints for all ages from one to Adult are for everybody, and each child will receive a participation award.  All you need is a kite.

          The Windjammers Performance Kite Team will be here with their stacks of kites with long tails swirling through graceful routines that stun the eye. 

          Mystery Ballet pits expert fliers against each other while flying ballet routines to music they never heard before. Five judges from the public who have never flown such kites will rank each performance simply by how well they like what they see.  This is exactly the opposite of how these same performers are judged in national competitions, which is similar to judging ice-skating competitions.

At CKF, this year’s big finale (wind willing), which will have all sizes of the same kind of kite, big Japanese Rokkaku kites, in a free-for-all battle for supremacy of the sky.

          This event is sponsored and presented by OSEK – The Ohio Society for the elevation of Kites, now active in northeastern Ohio for 43 years. 

OSEK 4034 Bayard Rd. S. Euclid, OH, 44121


web site: www.osekcleveland.org

e-mail  kiteinfo@osekcleveland.org

Phil Salzstein, President

Harry Gregory web master

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