In 1977 O.S.E.K. said “Go fly a kite”

So in the beginning of our club we flew everywere we could as you can see below.

If you have some photos or videos to show off let me know at and I will put them up and credit you for them. And if you think this is easy. I will let you try it.

The Geauga County Historical Society Cheese & Wine FestivalClick HereSetup too earlyWe were told it was just like the Apple Butter Festival but it did not open till noon. Click HereThe Banners Click HereNew hand made KiteDave Downey shows off his new kite that he made himself!Click HereLight Wind KiteDave Said that the kite was from a pattern and was made with 3mm spar. So it is a very light wind kite.Click HereJim & Barb Gibson’s JellyfishClick HereDisappearing KiterDave went of into the woods to retrieve one of his kites.Click HereOne of Phil Salzstein’sThis is one of Phil’s hand made delta cone kitesClick Here