About the Cleveland Kite Festival.
We must let all you folks who have returned another year that there will be a 38th Cleveland International Kite Festival Saturday, August 25, 2018 at Edgewater Park, 6500 Memorial Shoreway (Rt. 2) Cleveland, Ohio 44102 from   10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free admission, free parking, special events field, and open flying area for the public.

This family festival is sponsored by the Ohio Society For the Elevation of Kites (OSEK), a club that has been “coloring up the sky” at community festivals, and doing kite making workshops across Northeast Ohio for 41 years.  It’s been called the best kept secret in Cleveland by some, but kite people from several states and Canada call it one of the best kite festivals in the USA!

Need a kite? No problem. OSEK will be selling kid kites for $3 at the club tent, and Chicago Kite Store will be bringing its field shop to Edgewater again this year.

Events include performances by the Windjammers International Kite Team based in Detroit, dancing stacks of kites to music everybody loves.

Wind Sprint contests are for everybody, and conducted by age group. Parents can help smaller children. And the children can help their parents.

Mystery Ballet is a favorite among experienced sport kite fliers.  This event needs 5 people from “The Public” to judge how they like each contestant’s performance. Since this this is going to be a one day event, Solo and Pairs+ will be held on the one day.

Rokkaku Battles at the end of the day. Large Japanese style fighting kites get points for knocking each other out of the sky.  No cutting line is used for this kind of fighting kites.

The Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites (OSEK) has existed since 1977 and has been sponsoring its own festival for the public for 37 years. We are not incorporated, but we are non-profit. We do a lot of kite making workshops in schools, libraries, churches and communities to raise the funds to do this festival.
We also have been part of a lot of community festivals, “coloring up the sky”, as a former President called it, and helping children and adults experience the wonder of this hobby. We were at Edgewater the Saturday and Sunday after 9/11 to start the healing, and thousands of you came to share your grief, exchange hugs, and focus on our great nation.
We tried holding this event as a benefit for other local non-profit groups, but it didn’t work out very well. Probably because our main goal was to hold it for the benefit of the community. There are few things today that a family can do that doesn’t cost much, if anything, and is totally free of alcohol, drugs and bias. Some of our members have even found kite flying to be a great alternative to doing drugs – they call it getting high on kites. Its a healthy, earth-friendly activity that anybody over the age of three can easily enjoy, and we’ve really gained a lot when someone who has never flown a kite before discovers the pure joy of seeing their kite dance in the breeze. There’s a freedom there one can’t quite describe. There’s a sense of family, of friendship that is unequaled in most competitive sports.

We can be contacted at kiteinfo@osekcleveland.org

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