Membership in O.S.E.K. pays for liability insurance, workshop supplies, notices and other club expenses

Print and fill out the application below and send to:

OHIO SOCIETY FOR THE ELEVATION OF KITES Membership Chair 428 East 274th St. Euclid, Ohio. 44132 Membership Application

Name(s)_________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________________ State________________________________Zip________________________

Phone Home____________________________ Answering Machine (yes / No)


We do have the ability to send the newsletter by E-Mail. You need to get the Adobe Acrobat reader from Adobe. It’s free. Would you like to get your Newsletter by E-Mail. Yes____ No____ Type of membership: (check one)​
Houshold: ($15) ________
Senior: ($10.00) ________
Company: ($25) ________ Enclose business cards for use in newsletter
Are you interested in helping with children’s kitemaking workshops? Yes____ No_____
Are you instrested in attending workshops for members – ie – make items to fly yourself. Yes____ No____
What kind of kites interest you? _______________________________________
Do you have a skill to share? _________________________________________
Do you have a special need we should know about? ____________________________________________________________________

We can be contacted at

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